Eagle River Guide's Association

Areas / Lakes We Fish

In general, we fish all of Vilas County, but also extend into Forest and Oneida Counties for certain trips.

Listed below are just some of the lakes that we are familiar with:

Allequash Lake
Ballard Lake
Big Arbor Vitae Lake
Big Lake
Big Portage Lake
Big Sand Lake
Big St Germain Lake
Black Oak Lake
Boot Lake
Butternut Lake
Crab Lake
Deerskin Lake
The Eagle River Chain
Escanaba Lake
The Flambeau Chain
Forest Lake
Found Lake
Franklin Lake
High Lake
Hunter Lake
Jute Lake
Kentuck Lake
Lac Vieux Desert
Laura Lake
Little Arbor Vitae

Little St Germain Lake
Little Star Lake
Lost Lake
Lower Buckatabon Lake
Mamie Lake
The Manitowish Chain
Muskellunge Lake
Nebish Lake
North Twin Lake
Palmer Lake
Pickerel Lake
Pioneer Lake
Snipe Lake
Star Lake
South Twin Lake
The Sugar Camp Chain
Stormy Lake
Tenderfoot Lake
The Three Lakes Chain
Trout Lake
Turtle Flambeau Flowage
Upper Buckatabon Lake
White Birch Lake

Many others not listed...just ask!

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